Lantern trail

 I hope to see a rocket launching from the ground into space  •   May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace xXx  •   Everybody hates 2020.. let’s hope 2021 will be better  •   Have happy days  •   Looking to a more balanced 2021!  •   Keep safe everyone  •   Love and hope X  •   Use time wisely  • 

 Togetherness  •   Let’s hope 2021 is less of a drag! X  •   Your life is a piece of art you can paint your way to the right path  •   Let’s hope we’re free from our Covid cage next year!  •   Fly away and be free  •   Next year let’s hope we can see our smiles!  •   With every hope that it’ll be safe enough to go mask-free in 2021 X  •   Be yourself in the new year and create something new  • 

 Everything takes its own time go at your own speed no matter what  •   Let’s make COVID burn away!  •   Time’s up Covid!  •   More balance please  •   Let there be peace in the new year be patient for what can come in the new year  •   Brighton rocks!  •   We’re gonna nail COVID-19!! X  •   We’re gonna create a new exciting world in 2021 xx  • 

 Community is even stronger apart this year - the more distant we are the closer we are  •   Beat our drum to a new rhythm of 2021!  •   Shoot for the stars!  •   This year has had twists and turns...  •   Looking forward to skating next year!  •   Create  •   Best wishes for 2021  •   We hope that COVID 19 will disappear so we can have a lovely new year in 2021  • 

 Love the bold images-it makes it really stand out. Fantastic!  •   Bee kind to the planet, help her heel, look after all the creatures we share the planet with, please stop abusing this wonderful world and all the life she supports and nurtures  •   Boyfriend 2020  •   2020 was a drag  •   ?  •   They are all connected one whole truth ❤️❤️❤️❤️?  •   As the star grows it will get lighter and lighter a as me at 2021 it will be lighter than ever  •   Not looking back at the woes and worries. Holding my head high and staring boldly at the future Courage!  • 

 Well, 2020 was weird in a timey-wimey way. Wave goodbye and wibble your way into a wonderful new year. Welcome to the winter solstice!  •   So long 2020!  •   ?  •   Happy Birthday Aaron  •   Fly to the moon  •   Turn into a flower  •   I wish l could meet Santa  •   I love the idea of the Burning of the Clocks trail!  • 

 Magical!  •   Wonderful!  •   I had fun finding all the lanterns!  •   Browse, chill, breathe & explore!  •   Let go of losses  •   Let go of tradition and make fun  •   Rebrand and revive  •   Biodiversity  • 

 Sticks and stones may break my bones and names really hurt me - but not forever  •   The world is awesome  •   Mask up  •   Future  •   Spreading joy and good luck xx  •   Goodbye to a year that changed everything in my life, but I came out the other side  •   Happy solstice people. We've got through this year, the next can only be better  •   May the dragons merge and bring joy to the folk of Brighton. Happy solstice.  • 

 Wishes for health, happiness, and love to all  •   Very fancy!  •   Bye-bye 2020  •   Happy days  •   Happy start to the trail  •   Forever young  •   Moving towards the light.  •   Togetherness this year is a very poignant topic, beautiful  • 

 Thank you so much  •   Such a lovely story  •   Such an amazing lantern  •   Bloody love this lantern!  •   Love the community message behind this lantern as it celebrates the beating heart of the city.  •   This year would be lesser without this wonderful lantern trail  •   Seeing how much talent is involved makes me ache for next year!  •   We are so missing the parade this year  • 

 I love this festival ❤️  •   Love the yin and yang symmetry  •   You guys rock!  •   Love the artwork and the point of view from the ocean looking in. Thanks for this beautiful lantern!  •   My favourite lantern so far. So beautiful!!  •   Really beautiful lantern thanks for creating  •   Love the pavilion references in the design  •   Beautiful ?  •   Thank you for all that you do!  •   The sun shall rise again.  •   This has been a fabulous break from 2020. Thank you for being a bright star!  •   Time flies  •   Never been a better year to burn the clocks! Time itself must be ignited!  •   I hope the dragon will bring us all joy, happiness and health in the coming year.  •   I am really looking forward to some dancing and joy next year. Let's put on the music and move :)  •   Merry Christmas to you from us  •    Love you forever my darling Ray.  •   Here's to 2021.  • 

 Wishing for better times ahead. Good health and wellness to all those I care for.  •   Revolution  •   Vaccinate  •   Love & diversity  •   2021 hope  •   Patterns and seasons  •   Kindness  •   Peace  • 

 Happiness  •   Smile and the world smiles with you  •   Share your kindness  •   Help others  •   Mindfulness is worth trying  •   Write a kind letter  •   Call an old friend  •   Treat others as you would have them treat you  • 

 Releasing the madness of 2020 high into the sky with a wish for happier times ahead  •   I think this is an amazing piece of art and I hope people will appreciate it  •   Good luck for 2021  •   Art is so fun!  •   This is my favourite one so far I love the dragon!!!  •   This is very brighton-y  •   This really shows what Brighton is all about!  •   This is really cool I think it's shows cool figures  • 

 Art is cool  •   I love that it moves  •   This one is the coolest it moves as if a clock chime  •   This shows our amazing dome  •   Here's to a better 2021!  •   Happy Christmas!  •   Can't wait to make new stuff in 2021 once I've set up my new workspace!  •   Into the sky goes 2020  •