Sandrine Case

Theme: Lost & Found

My design is a heart with bat wings, this came about with the love for friends & familiy we have lost through death or from not being able to meet up.

Perfect grid to map out the lantern, & rough chalking out of the design

Lack of space at home. I normally make when everyone is out but due to lock down my family is always with me, I don't have a room to escape to, so can't leave things out. I hope to make in the garden depending on the weather!

I have over come the lack of space by putting up a tent creating a make shift studio space. Its been great for keeping the sun off & todays rain. When I opened up the tent I found a slow worm this morning!

After much distraction from children & animals, I've almost cracked it. Glad to have shade from the tent but it is a bit of a sauna today & I keep laying down which doesn't help!

I thought about symbols which represent communication (electronic) mental health & it started to fall into place. I played around with the bluetooth symbol to create a pattern which goes round the sides.

Finished illuminated sculpture.