Paul Render

Theme: Brave

Initial design proposal

Day 1. After a hearty breakfast I set out on my journey to reach the peak. Collected materials from the quarter master at Same Sky, an assortment of willow, tape, bamboo, thermal underwear & three days supply of baked beans.

Fig. 1. Base Camp. Structure of bamboo and willow, making a conical shape on which to base the spiky crags.

Fig. 2. First Sight of the Summit. The mountain quickly takes shape and soon races upwards, sketched out in lines of willow.

Fig. 3. Twin Peaks. As the light begins to dim on day 1, a series of rocky outcrops begin to appear. Each one a challenge for the daunty climbers to come. Far below the now tiny mount maquette still in view.

Day2. Back at camp lunched on beans, whilst eyeing up the trek ahead.

Fig.5. Somewhere between wallpapering & icing a giant cake, the layers of tissue begin to reveal the snowy peaks.

Day 3. Making the Cut. I must now select a handmade team of mountaineers to scale the lofty peaks.

Fig.6. By night the spectacular Aurora Borealis plays across the snow covered mountain. Day 4 - Training begins as the brave team starts to map out their journey to the summit.

Day 5 - The Brave. Fig. 7. The mountain has been painstakingly mapped out, setting a challenge to our daunty mountaineers.

Fig. 8. The Brave climbers set out in two teams to journey to the top.

Fig. 9. So very cold! Down to my last tin of beans as the lead climbers report reaching the summit.

Fig. 10. Figures scale the mountain, helping each other all the way. Mirroring the networks of support in communities throughout this emergency. A journey into the unknown testing our resolve to come through together.

Finished illuminated sculpture.