Patrick Bullock

Theme: Isolation

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Dodecahedron that gives the shape of the lantern

I created a paper model of a regular dodecahedron to properly eyeball how it would look 3D when assembled from 12 pentagons.

I wanted to see how it would behave & rotate standing on one of its points as this is how I intend for it to be displayed.

My work is often informed by natural forms, behaviours & narratives. I typed in - the Dodecahedron in nature -pomegranate seeds are 12 sided! Left: Pomegranate Still Life by Patrick Bullock 2020. Right The Pomegranate felt work by Jayne Bullock circa 2016.

Although I can design & decorate panels for my lantern at home, building won’t be possible as it will be too wide to fit through the door. Luckily, I can go to my studio on an isolated farm.

I need 12 pentagrams of the correct size.

I set up & prepared to make a larger version of my paper dodecahedron. I realised adding a circle to each pentagram would make the structure much stronger.

I have done a conglomerate (what a lovely word ) of snippets of the images I have put on my Lantern.

Finished illuminated sculpture.