Michelle Dufaur

Theme: Environment

Initial design: The Pangolin is suspected to be the animal in which COVID-19 leapt into humans.

I decided to use the shape of the Pangolin for my lantern. Although the will to protect is at an all time high & legislation is in place, it’s still in threat of extinction.

Pangolin maquette. Paper, tape & vinyl. June 11th 2020.

Making your memory. Below are 3 small clips showing simple ways to make a silhouetted image. I will incorporate the memories onto the pangolin lantern. ‘Cyril-the-squirrel’ by Jacky who visited their birdbath during lockdown.

After scaling up my image, I create a 2 dimensional sketch in willow. I then pull this into a 3D shape by adding further circles and teardrop shapes at right angles.

I hold all of these hoops in place with long lines of willow from head to the tail. This will essentially define the final structure. There’s a lot of wobble in the tail. - so fixing pole gaffered in.

Image shows in red, where I intend to run my lighting.

Disappearing under paper.

All ready for decoration.

The last stage of lantern making is detail. For the pangolin, this was it’s eyes, claws & scales.

There’s a level of symmetry that needs to be respected in decorating a piece like this and having already decorated the maquette gave me valuable insight.

Many thanks to everyone who sent in images. Once silhouetted they were placed randomly wherever they fitted best in the scales.

Finished illuminated sculpture.