Kathryn Jordan

Theme: Vulnerable

Initial design drawing

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to construct the nest for my lantern. Having collected some cut branches I found during a visit to Wilderness Wood.

Using mixture of lantern making willow, tissue & some found branch tops. Birds use a huge variety of things to construct their nests, so I decided to mimic their approach! The next step is to scale it up.

Birds using what they find in their environment to make a home for their young. Upsetting image to see but we need to be aware of the impact of even the smallest pieces of rubbish carelessly thrown away.

Enjoying working out in the garden, especially being able to hold the beginnings of my nest between my toes & see it up against the blue sky.

Weaving willow. I love the lines it creates with me. It’s such a wonderful material to work with.

Papering the nest.

Egg construction.

I really enjoyed making my birds nest lantern. Such a lovely project.

Finished illuminated sculpture.