Jo Coles

Theme: Disruption / Innovation

Initial design concept

I had clear ideas of what I wanted my lantern to be about but found it difficult to visualise, so decided to make a collage. I flicked through the Guardian supplement, tearing out images I felt were relevant, this was the result.

I felt happy with my initial design but it needed more development. The arrow didn’t seem right, it felt too ‘stumpy' & needed to be taller to give the shape a sense of direction & projection.

For me the journey of an innovative idea is energetic, almost electric. This drawing shows the development & changes to my design.

After making a quick mock up of a zig zag arrow shape I decided to revert back to a curvy arrow. I felt the combination of zig zag & figures would visually look too much.

Maths challenge, changing a cylindrical base into a square topped arrow & still managing to keep a good shape.

Test pieces, trying to figure out how best to put the figures on the lantern.

8 pairs of arms and legs, prepped, glued and out to dry.

Giving the lantern a final check.

Finished illuminated sculpture.